Emojino.com will be permanently closing on 30.09.23. If you have any funds left in your account, please withdraw them or contact support for help.
Emojino.com will be permanently closing on 30.09.23. If you have any funds left in your account, please withdraw them or contact support for help.
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Payment Policy

This Payment Policy was last updated on the 22nd of April , 2021.

This Payment Policy is incorporated and made a part of Emojino Terms of Service.

True Flip Gaming Ltd, a company duly incorporated and acting under and in accordance with the Laws of Malta, registration number C 89212, having its Registered Office located at: Level G, (Office 1/1939), Quantum House 75, Abate Rigord Street, Ta'Xbiex XBX 1120, Malta (hereinafter “the Company”, “Emojino”), has created this payment policy (hereinafter “Payment Policy”) to outline and establish the main principles and rules of accepting and processing users’ payments/bets onEmojino’s website emojino.com (hereinafter “Website”).

To achieve the noted goals, the Company reserves the right to develop and modify the Payment Policy without prior notification to the players that use the Emojino’s services on the Website (hereinafter “User”, “Users”) and based on the agreements concluded between the Company and the corresponding financial institutions/payment solution providers/partners/aggregators etc. The Users express their consent with and accept this Payment Policy by continuing to use the Website.

I. Deposits

1. When the User opens an account on the Website (hereinafter “Account”) the Company requires him/her to make a minimum deposit before play (with exception of demo versions). The Company will assign minimum deposit levels and maximum deposit levels as specified on the Website. The User acknowledges that he/she may only wager and play with the amount of cleared funds held in his/her account. Consequently, if the User would like to participate in gaming, he/she must deposit money into his/her Account. The User can make a deposit at any time online by using debit or credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro). Cash or cheques are not an accepted method of deposit. Certain payment methods may not be available depending on certain factors such as jurisdiction and currency.

2. Depositing funds into Account shall at all times be made through a Financial Institution or a Payment Solution Provider, by use of any of the methods specified on the Website, as may be amended from time to time. Procedures, terms, availability and duration for transactions may vary depending on the time, the country and the Financial Institution used.

3. User may only participate in games if he/she has sufficient amount at User’s Account for such participation.

4. Minimum and maximum deposit requirements that apply for each deposit method are specified in the Cashier section of the Website. The Company retains the right to change this amount at any time should it deems so appropriate.

5. Emojino accept payments made in EUR and other currencies. In case your payment account (i.e. your bank account) is in a different currency, than your Emojino Account, our payment provider, or your bank as the case may be, will convert the funds to the relevant currency before depositing it to your account. Likewise, the funds you withdraw will be sent to you in your Emojino Account currency and your bank, as the case may be, will convert the funds to your payment account currency. Please note that any exchange premiums are payable by you.

6. The maximum deposit amount per transaction varies depending on payment method as detailed below. Should any player wish to deposit more than the amounts specified below, the player can request multiple transactions at any one time.
Mastercard – 5000 EUR

7. More details on limits.
Maximum number of transactions for one card (Visa, MasterCard) per day - 10 Maximum number of transactions for one card (Visa, MasterCard) per month - 40 The maximum amount of successful deposits on the card (Visa, MasterCard) per day -10000 EUR The maximum amount of successful deposits on the card (Visa, MasterCard) per month is 15000 EUR

8. The User may only use his/her own personal credit/debit card or other payment method to deposit to/withdraw from the User’s Account. The name written on the credit cards, or registered on the payment accounts used for deposits or payouts must correspond to the name registered on User’s Account.

9. It is unlawful to deposit money from ill-gotten means. In accordance with our anti-fraud policies, we reserve the right to pay any requested withdrawal partly or in total via the same method of payment through which one or more deposits were made. We further reserve the right to pay any requested withdrawal directly to your bank card account.

10. Deposited funds are available on the Account within a reasonable amount of time following the confirmation of the deposit made, unless extra verification procedures as stated under clause 11 of Section I are required.

12. Emojino will carry out additional verification procedures (KYC) when User makes deposit into his/her User Account equals to or exceeding equivalent of €2,000 (one installment) or cumulative deposits equals to or exceeding equivalent of €2,000.

12. Please note that Emojino can request you to undergo additional verification procedure under the present Policy before your first deposit that is lower than 2000 euros or its equivalent if such requirement is essential for processing payments through certain payment providers/institutions/banks.

13. We also acknowledge you that in view of the latest AML requirements targeted anonymous purchases and exchanges including virtual currencies and prepaid cards, the monthly transaction limit on prepaid cards was gone down to €150 to combat their use in criminal transactions and terrorist financing. It means that cards with higher limits shall undergo additional verification procedure and AML check in accordance with this Policy.

14. Emojino also sets up a turnover limit of 50 000 EUR per month for additional verification procedure or EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence). We conduct aforementioned checks for every User and in any cases as soon as the User's turnover per month reaches 50k EUR.

15. Under certain circumstances, Emojino can credit a User’s Account with “Welcome Pack”. The conditions for the crediting of the “Bonus“ and the amount of such credit is determined by Emojino and set out on the Website from time to time. If an account contains both the funds from deposit and credit funds, the credit funds will only be available for wagering once the existing deposit has been run out of.

II. Withdrawals

1. Available withdrawal options are clearly stated on the Websites and may differ depending on the market from which the User originates.

2. To withdraw funds equal to or exceeding the equivalent of €2,000 or cumulative withdrawals equal to or exceeding the equivalent of €2,000 from the account, the Users are required to complete identity verification through KYC procedure at their User’s Account. Emojino reserves the right to check User’s identity and source of deposited funds prior to processing payouts and to hold withdrawals for the time needed to check the User’s identity. In case of false personal data provided by the User, the withdrawal can be denied and the User Account can be cancelled. The User will be informed thereof by email noted at his/her User’s Account.

3. Minimum withdrawal requirements that apply for each withdrawal method are specified in the Cashier section of the Website.The maximum amount for withdrawal depends on the payment method the User decides to use. If the requested amount of withdrawal exceeds the limit of a particular payment method, the amount will be withdrawn by installments.

4. Withdrawals will be made to User’s credit/debit card bound to the User’s Account.

5. The maximum withdrawal amount per transaction varies depending on payment method as detailed below. Should any User wish to withdraw more than the amounts specified below, the player can request multiple transactions at any one time.
Mastercard – 5000 EUR

6. The maximum withdrawal amount is capped at 20000 EUR per month, split non over 5000 EUR per week. Withdrawal limits may be increased, depending on the player's VIP-level.

7. The time for a withdrawal request to be finalized may vary due to circumstances, however a withdrawal attempt should be approved or denied within two (2) days. You can rollback the withdrawal request at any time until it is finalized. When a withdrawal is cancelled, the funds are returned back to your Account and you can make use of those funds accordingly on the Account. The Company does not assume any responsibility for any funds lost during gameplay following a withdrawal cancellation made by you.

8. The User shall be informed about reasons for any delay in withdrawal if the time for the money to arrive at the User’s account exceeds five (5) days.

9. In order to make a withdrawal without playing through active deposited amounts at least once prior to withdrawal, you must undergo additional KYC verification in accordance with AML&KYC Policy. This procedure is in line with AML practices.

III. Refund and chargeback rules

1. Chargeback is the process of reversal of funds to the User's account from his/her Account on emojino.com if there’s enough evidence from the User’s side to consider this transaction void or fraudulent.

2. Here is an approximate list of reasons why a chargeback request can be made by the User, if proven:

  • a. The cardholder has not received the transaction details.
  • b. The transaction has not been approved by the cardholder.
  • c. Account number does not match.
  • d. The transaction was made by mistake or by the person who fraudulently seized the card of the User.
  • e. No authorization has been made.
  • f. The User did not receive the product or service.
  • g. The card was not used until its expiration period.
  • h. Error at the payment amount field.
  • i. The statement of transfer confirmation is incorrect, incomplete or not completed.
  • k. Fake transaction.
  • l. Transaction time is longer than set by VISA or MasterCard.
  • m. There is no sample signature on the card itself.
  • n. The signature on the card and in the bill are different.
  • o. The Company has changed the transaction amount without permission.
  • p. The Company knowingly participated in a fraudulent transaction.
  • q. Invalid date and time of transaction.
  • r. If the disputable transaction was made through an order by phone or email.
  • s. The transaction was not successfully cancelled (refunded).
  • t. The transaction was accidentally approved by the bank of the User, but later it turned out that this was a mistake, for example, there were not enough funds or the card was already blocked.

3. If the User discovers a debit from his statement that was not made on his/her initiative, he/she is entitled to file a complaint with the bank. The bank is investigating and deciding on a chargeback if it believes that the User has been deceived or the transaction was fraudulent.

4. In case of a chargeback, the Company loses the payment funds, the commission paid for handling the payment, the currency conversion fee if the payment was made in a currency other than the trading account’s currency, as well as the penalty paid by the Company to the bank for each chargeback.

5. You acknowledge that we shall have the right to block the Account should we receive a chargeback request in relation to that Account. When a chargeback request has been received, we will contact you as the registered Account holder, so as to seek confirmation of your identity and if retained necessary, we shall also ask you to confirm your preferred method of payment. Reminders may be sent should the requested confirmation not be received. Administrative fees may apply in such cases and the balance of your Account may decrease in the case of unduly incurred chargebacks, reversals or other charges we may sustain in relation to your Account. You are to note that any remaining funds held in the Account which has been blocked due to a chargeback request, shall be treated as though they were funds on an inactive Account.

6. Refund is a return of funds from the Company’s account to the User's account, which is initiated and performed by the Company itself. In this case, the bank or processing institution does not participate in the resolution of disputes between the Company and the User.

7. The Company itself decides on refund, in this case it does not pay fines to the bank, but loses the commission for transfer and conversion.

8. Reasons/grounds for refund.

Here is an approximate list of reasons why a request can be made by the User, if proven:

  • a) Money has been added to your account by accident.
  • b) Money has been fraudulently taken from your card and staked without your knowing.
  • c) The User did not receive the product or service after making a stake.
  • d) Services have not been fully provided etc.

9. In case the User or/and the Company believes that the User’s funds shall be refunded and there’re grounds for that, the User shall send the email to [email protected] or the registered letter (or the letter sent by a courier service with confirmation of receipt) to Level G, (Office 1/1939), Quantum House 75, Abate Rigord Street, Ta'Xbiex XBX 1120, Malta with such a request stating the reasons for refund. The Company is obliged to deal with the request within 2 days and send the message to the email bound to the User Account with notification of refund stating the reason for such refund or a letter stating the grounds for denial.

10. We acknowledge you that our products are consumed instantly during gameplay. Thus, we cannot provide refunds, returns of money, or cancellation of the requested service when playing. If you play a game with real money, the money will be drawn from your Account instantly.

IV. Additional provisions

1. If the Company mistakenly credits your Account with winnings that do not belong to you, whether this is due to a technical or human error or otherwise, the amount will remain property of the Company and the amount will be transferred back to the Company from your Account. We reserve the right to void any transactions placed using them, including related winnings paid out in error. To satisfy any such liability, we further reserve the right to freeze and withhold these funds and set-off any subsequent winnings owed to you. If prior to the Company becoming aware of the error, you would have withdrawn funds that do not belong to you, without prejudice to other remedies and actions that may be available to us at law, the mistakenly paid amount will constitute a debt owed by you to the Company. In the event of an incorrect crediting, you are obliged to notify our Customer Support services immediately by email.

2. Deposits made to your Account should be commensurate with game play. If at the Company’s discretion, there is suspicion of abuse (for instance, where a deposited amount has not been wagered or used for an appropriate level of game play and the user then makes a withdrawal request in relation to that deposited amount or where the Company suspects that you are abusing exchange rate fluctuations or made a financial gain through arbitrage), we reserve the right, in our absolute discretion, to cancel other deposit(s),and/or any withdrawals there related, in part or in full, to deduct and/or to retract any balance or costs that may have resulted in conjunction therewith from any funds held at the User’s Account, confiscate funds including winnings and to close the account indefinitely, without any warning. We further reserve the right to request and obtain satisfactory proof of deposit and additional copies of personal identification and other documents as may be required at any stage during the account’s lifetime and in such instances prior to processing any withdrawal request, the processing of such request to be entirely at the Company’s discretion. In cases where we are not satisfied by the submitted documentation, the Company may cancel the withdrawal and return the funds to the account or confiscate the funds and block the account indefinitely.

3. You shall not treat the Company as a financial institution nor expect any interest.

4. Emojino shall pay out Your withdrawals, refunds or chargebacks using the same method You have utilised to make Your deposits. Payouts, refunds or chargebacks may only be made in the name of and to the registered Account holder. Cash or cheques are not an accepted method of deposit and that’s why no withdrawal, refund or chargeback can be made by cash or cheque.

V. Fees and taxes

1. The User is fully responsible for paying all fees and taxes applied to their winnings according to the laws of the jurisdiction of User’s residence.

2. In countries where the report of winnings and losses is legally prescribed by legal authority or financial institution, the User is responsible for reporting his/her winnings and losses at such authorities.


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